Two Gold Medalist Trainers

Paula Paglia
Offering a full educational program based on classical dressage, Paula develops other professionals, amateurs and young riders to their fullest potential. She customizes a training program for each client.

A Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist, Paula has competed in hundreds of shows with an array of horses from training level through Grand Prix. She holds multiple Horse and Rider of the Year awards from Arizona Dressage Association, California Dressage Society, United States Dressage Federation, United States Equestrian Federation.

Paula is skilled at preparing and presenting young horses in hand. Several of the horses she presented won top USDF Breed Awards.

Paula’s talent and experience instill confidence in both horse and rider. Paula evaluates each horse and rider to develop an appropriate training program. A structured, sensible and kind training regime leads to horses with strong muscle structure and a sharp mind. Students with strong determination and a willingness to work hard will achieve their goals. Clients are welcome to trailer in for training and lessons.

Ali Stephens, Assistant Trainer
Teaching and training alongside Paula, Ali is a Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist. She attended Etoile International Equestrian Academy, one of the most prestigious riding schools in Europe. As a student of Paula’s since age 12, she continues to extend her training abilities. She has won numerous championships in both the dressage and jumper show rings including FEI level and Grand Prix jumper classes. Ali specializes in starting, training and bringing young horses up through the ranks.