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Paula Paglia Dressage in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona is a premier equestrian facility for the
development and training of both horses and riders in the dressage discipline. Welcome!
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Paula evaluates each horse and rider individually and will design a program appropriate to their ability, yet focused on the long-term goals of upper-level classical dressage. Each horse and rider is developed at their own pace, allowing each team to be mentally and physically strong at each level of competition.

Paula believes that a successful training regimen is a logical, step-by-step process that utilizes the horse's natural intelligence, his loyalty, his goodwill, and his honesty. A sensible, kind and structured training program will produce a horse with a strong muscle structure and a sharp working mind. Both are necessary to compete at the national and international levels of dressage.

Paula's philosophy is to develop a partnership between horse and rider, with the well-being of the horse as the primary consideration. 

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